GoPro Releases Video of Rescue from Sinking Superyacht Yogi

The video company released the footage more than 5 years after the superyacht sank.

Yogi wasn't even a year old when she mysteriously sank in the Aegean Sea in 2012. Now, more than five years since the Proteksan-Turquoise went under, new footage from the Coast Guard rescue of eight members on board has surfaced.

GoPro released the footage taken by the Coast Guard in a first-person point of view as the member of the rescue team rappels from a helicopter to the distressed 197-foot yacht. Members from on board Yogi, seen in orange survival suits, are then attached to the same line and ascend to the helicopter. This real-world point of view shows a dizzying ascent as two people dangle from a helicopter while combating wind and rain.

Two Air Force helicopters, a Navy frigate, multiple coast guard vessels and four commercial ships all came to the assistance of the distressed vessel, CBS reported.

See more of Yogi: You can find more photos of the yacht before and after sinking here.