Go, Speed Racer

The Revolt 35XS will put pep in your step and a whole lot of wind in your hair.

Heavy-duty suspension in the helm seats mitigates the shock factor when streaking across choppy seas.Revolt Custom Boats

I was walking along the quay in Cannes, France, when a black-hulled RIB that looked like it belonged in Batman’s arsenal stopped me dead in my Sperrys. Her name? The Revolt Custom Boats 35XS. Twin 300 hp Yamahas reportedly propel this tender to a watery-eye-­inducing 65 knots. (A single, 627 hp Seven Marine outboard is an option.) Mike Ring, the renowned British performance-boat designer, created the wave-defying, deep-V hull form. It’s supported by a hand-laid fiberglass layup. Revolt customizes each vessel for the owner.

WHOM IT'S FOR: Yachtsmen who have adrenaline-junkie DNA, but who also have an eye for style and the experience to know when a design is executed to exacting standards.

PICTURE THIS: You awake to a placid sea that's begging you to run, bank and carve your name into it. Coffee first? Nope. Put the hat on backward. There's something even better today.