Gigantic Win for RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic, Inc is awarded 110 million-dollars for salvaging ship’s artifacts.

September 10, 2010


Emory Kristof © National Geographic Society Bow railing of R.M.S. Titanic illuminated by Mir 1 submersible behind the forward anchor crane. The slant of the rusticles shows the direction of the current. No pay photo topnews

RMS Titanic Inc has been awarded the full monetary value of the artifacts they have salvaged from the Titanic, which sank nearly 100 years ago.

Since winning the right to salvage artifacts from the _Titanic_ in 1994, they have made 7 excursions to the wreck nearly 2 and a half miles below sea level and salvaged approximately 5,500 artifacts.

Working in such extreme pressure found at that depth has created unique challenges. To meet these challenges Salvage experts from RMS Titanic Inc have invented 20 different devices used to extract artifacts from the ship.


“The salvage of the Titanic has involved unprecedented feats of skill and dedication,” says presiding U.S. District judge Rebecca Smith.

Aiding their case to win the rights to the artifacts was the danger the submarine crews put themselves in. When working on the sea floor where the Titanic lies, up to 6,300 pounds per square inch of pressure squeeze their submarine. Working at such pressure and unforeseen impact to the hull could have devastating consequences.

“We are very pleased with the decision of the court and believe it reflects the extensive efforts of the company to embrace its role of salvor-in-possession of Titanic,” Christopher Davino, Premier Exhibitions, Inc’s president and chief executive officer says.



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