Sanlorenzo Yachts’ Smart Helmet Revolutionizes Tech Support

Fitting like a virtual-reality headset, Sanlorenzo Yachts' Smart Helmet includes all the features needed for remote technical support.
Sanlorenzo Yachts’ Smart Helmet
Sanlorenzo Yachts’ Smart Helmet is revolutionizing the art of remote technical support. Courtesy Sanlorenzo Yachts

Sanlorenzo Yachts’ R&D team built the Smart Helmet to help yacht crews troubleshoot issues at sea.

The helmet has an 8-megapixel 1080p video camera; four visible-light cameras; two infrared cameras; a microphone and earphones; a heads-up-style display; and a wireless receiver that can access Wi-Fi or a smartphone for internet connectivity. Users can share what they’re hearing and seeing, and the helmet’s lens displays high-definition, interactive holograms over real-world imagery.

Paolo Bertetti, Sanlorenzo’s vice president of R&D, says the company’s biggest challenges in creating the Smart Helmet were stability, image quality, ergonomics, reliability and ease of use.  


How It Works

Sanlorenzo’s Smart Helmet requires upload and download speeds of 1.5 megabits per second, but its 64-gigabyte solid-state hard drive lets users record audio, photographs and video for offline use. Its sleek, ergonomic design allows users to operate in confined spaces, such as engine rooms. While Sanlorenzo designed the Smart Helmet for service and repair, it could someday be used for virtual yacht tours too.

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