Roswell Marine’s Helm Elevator

Roswell Marine’s Rise Telescoping Helm System improves wheel ergonomics.
Invincible Boats
Roswell Marine’s Rise system is an option for Invincible Boats’ 35-, 37-, 40- and 46-foot catamarans, and 39- and 43-foot monohulls. Courtesy Roswell Marine

Roswell Marine’s Rise Telescoping Helm System raises and lowers a boat’s helm and (optional) seats to improve onboard comfort, sightlines and ergonomics in rough seas. These elevated positions can also help anglers keep an eye on baits when running trolling spreads and help the captain maneuver on a big fish.

Roswell Helm Elevator
Maximum helm lift is 11.5 inches, and maximum helm-seat lift is 5.75 inches. Users can select any height within these ranges. Courtesy Roswell Marine

The Rise system, which is currently exclusive to Invincible Boats, accomplishes this via a telescoping system that uses motors to tackle the heavy lifting and lowering. Customers can order the telescoping helm or helm seat individually, or they can spec out both.

Robert Oswell, Roswell Marine’s CEO and inventor of the Rise system, says that while the company used some of its previously patented telescoping technologies to create this product, careful vetting was still required aboard the company’s 37-foot Invincible catamaran.

Roswell Helm Elevator
Users adjust the system using a two-switch control pod next to the helm seat. Courtesy Roswell Marine

“Our team ran [it] extensively over the course of two years off the Florida coast and through the Bahamas in tough conditions to validate the system’s function,” he says, adding that the result is boaters being able to stay seated and in full command of all helm controls, with 360-degree sightlines, even when conditions get sporty off the coast. 

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