Superyachts Adding Wing-Foiling Fun

Superyachts are starting to carry gear for guests to try wing foiling, also known as wingboarding.
wing foiling
With wing foiling, the board and sail are not connected, and the board has a foil for launching toward the sky. Courtesy Starboard Foils

Make room in the lazarette next to the kayaks, dinghies and sea scooters. Wing-foiling gear is starting to show up aboard some superyachts as interest in the sport grows.

All kinds of combinations of boards and sails are available. For beginners, experts recommend starting with a product along the lines of the Starboard Wingboard 4-in-1, which is designed to help keep riders upwind—and can be used as a traditional paddleboard too. Pair it with the FreeWing GO wing, also for learning the basics, with easy-grip handles and construction meant to work in light wind.

FreeWing GO
The FreeWing GO design has shorter wingtips than some others, as a way to help keep the gear from catching in the water while beginners are learning. Courtesy Starboard Foils
backpack carry case
There are inflatable versions of some of these boards, along with backpack carry cases that can have wheels for hauling wing-foiling gear up and down the marina dock. Courtesy Starboard Foils
Wingboard 4-in-1
The Wingboard 4-in-1 inflatable’s foot straps help beginners figure out optimal placement for their feet. Courtesy Starboard Foils

The next level up in gear is the Starboard Wingboard Foil, which can be used by all skill levels, paired with the FreeWing Air, which has a modular system that can customize the ride as owners and guests get more comfortable with the sport.