Seakeeper Unveils Two New Models

Seakeeper, which has revolutionized the ability of boaters to feel steadier in just about any sea conditions, has unveiled two new models.
Seakeeper SK10.5
The Seakeeper SK10.5 is for vessels from 50 feet to about 62 feet length overall and is said to offer 50 percent more gyroscopic power per cubic inch compared to the Seakeeper 9. Courtesy Seakeeper

The first new offering is the Seakeeper 10.5, which is for boats 50 to 62 feet long. Compared to the Seakeeper 9, it has 50 percent more gyroscopic power per cubic inch in 23 percent less volume, according to the company.

With a retail price of $124,900, the Seakeeper 10.5 has a new flywheel design that lets the motor be tucked inside the flywheel. That’s what reduces the unit’s overall height. The unit’s weight is 1,246 pounds.

The other new model is the Seakeeper 14, which is for boats 55 to 68 feet long and has a retail price of $149,900. The company says it is 43 percent smaller and 33 percent lighter than the Seakeeper 18. It, too, has the new flywheel design. Weight on this model is 1,650 pounds.

Both new models have ConnectBox integration, which means the system integrates with onboard multifunction displays (No need for yet another display at the helm.) Boat owners can control the Seakeeper either from the display or directly on the unit.

Also on both new models are field replaceable bearings. This helps with service needs.

Seakeeper SK14
Seakeeper’s SK14 is geared for yachts from 55 to 68 feet length overall. The unit’s asymmetric flywheel helps shorten its overall height. Courtesy Seakeeper

News of these new models follows the August 2022 introduction of the Seakeeper Ride, which reduces pitch and roll on vessels 35 feet and smaller. With that product, too, company CEO Andrew Semprevivo said maximizing efficiency in a smaller package was a key goal for the brand.

“We’ve worked very hard to scale our technology down,” Semprevivo said at the time. “We needed a product that got down to 18-foot and 19-foot entry-level boats, at a price point that everyone can afford.”

The Seakeeper Ride, which helps to minimize pitch and roll, can be installed in addition to the original Seakeeper, which works to minimize only roll. The company says the dual setup enhances the Ride’s performance by 10 to 20 percent.

Overall in the company’s lineup, there are now a dozen Seakeeper models for boats of various sizes, along with three versions of the Seakeeper Ride. The Seakeepers are available for boats as large as 110 feet length overall, while the Seakeeper Rides are for boats up to 35 feet long.

What’s the biggest Seakeeper model that’s available? The Seakeeper 40. It’s for boats from 85 feet and up, with a max-out of 115 tons. Its price is $337,000.

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