A More Powerful Electric Outboard

The X Series from ePropulsion includes an X40 model that delivers 40 kW of power.
ePropulsion X Series Outboards
The ePropulsion line of electric outboard motors includes the X12, X20 and X40. Courtesy ePropulsion

Engineering efforts to electrify boat-propulsion systems took a sizable step in late November when ePropulsion announced an X Series of outboard engines.

The X Series includes the X12, X20 and X40, all of which are part of what company CEO Danny Tao calls “an intelligent and integrated platform” that boaters and boatbuilders can use to achieve a quieter, cleaner boating experience.

This series of engines is far from the first one that ePropulsion has produced since the company was founded in 2012. Its product range includes inboard and outboard electric motors, along with a pod-drive motor and a motor for standup paddleboards.

But the X Series is the most powerful version of an electric outboard that ePropulsion has produced to date, with its Spirit and Navy Evo models maxing out at 6 kW (equivalent to about 8 horsepower). Tom Watson, president of ePropulsion USA, said the X Series provides “incredible power.” The motors have a reported total powertrain efficiency of 88.2%. The X12 has 12-kW power, while the X20 generates 20 kW of power and the X40 delivers 40 kW of power (equivalent to almost 54 horsepower).

The research and development team at ePropulsion created an algorithm for X Series propellers, using more than 20 metrics to optimize hydrodynamic performance. The X Series also has frequency resonance isolation and vibration dampening technology, which should mean less vibration than aboard boats with comparable, traditional outboard engines.

According to ePropulsion, the X Series models also can weigh 36 percent less than traditional motors. The design places electric steering, power trim/tilt, an electric control unit and the controller within a single assembly, simplifying installation and minimizing intrusions into onboard space.

Also part of the X Series is ePropulsion’s Smart System Architecture, or eSSA. It is designed to allow for simple system configuration while supporting the integration of renewable energy systems.

And, speaking of evolving technology, the X Series has a digital helm and smart throttles that provide instantaneous feedback. The team at ePropulsion says this setup “opens the door to advanced driving assistance systems that improve safety and redefine aquatic navigation.” Features include position hold, heading hold and 360 motions to make maneuvering easier for skippers at the helm.

The ePropulsion Connectivity Service lets boaters access real-time boat and system status with monitoring, reporting and tracking.

How long will the X40 hold up? It’s built to the IP67 waterproof standard with projections of a 5,000-hour minimum service life, according to ePropulsion.

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