Furuno Adds to NXT Radar Series

The DRS6A-NXT expands Furuno’s solid-state Doppler radar technology.

October 14, 2017
DRS6A-NXT, Furuno, Radar
Furuno’s DRS6A-NXT radar. Courtesy Furuno

Furuno has released the DRS6A-NXT as the newest member of its NXT radar series.

The unit builds on features of the DRS4D-NXT, which Furuno released in 2016 as a solid-state Doppler radar for NavNet TZtouch and NavNet TZtouch2 systems.

The DRS6A-NXT includes what Furuno calls a Target Analyzer, which automatically changes the color of targets approaching a boat: Green echoes are stationary targets, land or approaching targets moving at a velocity of less than 3 knots; echoes turn red when targets are approaching at a speed of 3 knots or faster.


Bird Mode and Rain Mode are standard features on the DRS6A-NXT, and the unit’s ARPA signal processor can display and track as many as 100 targets in a single sweep.

For a more detailed display, target trails and Furuno’s True Trail feature can be used, letting boaters see the direction a target is moving.

Resolution: The radar has a 2.3-, 1.9- or 1.4-degree horizontal beam width on a 3½-foot , 4-foot and 6-foot open array, respectively.


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