For Your Next Night Watch

The Never Dark watch is designed for nighttime boating.

Reactor's Atom Never Dark comes in black (left) and all black (right).Courtesy Reactor Watches

Reactor has introduced the Never Dark, a wristwatch face designed for nighttime boating, working in low-light spots in the bilge and more.

Never Dark combines superluminova and tritium technology, which designers have used separately in the past to make watch faces easy to see at night or in the dark.

Individually, Reactor stated in a press release, the technologies have shortcomings: superluminova is bright but fades in a few hours, while tritium stays on longer but isn’t as bright as superluminova.

Combining the technologies, Reactor says, makes it possible to see the watch face in any lighting environment without the need for your eyes to adjust.

Men's and women's versions available: Various colors and sizes are priced around $400.