First Look: The Xtender 9.7M Limousine Tender

This Limousine can be finished to match the mothership.

This limousine tender, with a retractable Bimini top and folding windscreens, contracts to a height of 6 1/2 feet for stowage.Xtenders

Limousine tenders occupy rarefied air. They're not often docked in a local canal; instead, they're likely resting in the belly of a mega-yacht. As such, they require panache and customization, both of which the Xtender 9.7m Limousine offers. With a hull by Vripack, a retractable Bimini top and folding windscreens, the boat is designed to get guests ashore in comfort. The interior cabin, which seats six, can be completely closed off from weather. On nice days, the bow seating has unobstructed views.

Whom It's For: This limousine tender is for the mega-yacht owner who appreciates masculine lines, 40-knot speeds and the ability to let guests board from port or starboard with equal ease.

Picture This: It's New Year's Eve, and you're moored off St. Barths. It's 15 minutes until midnight, and you want to be ashore when the clock strikes 12. Hop in your Xtender Limousine and cruise toward land. With 520 total horsepower, you'll make it before the ball drops.