The First CHIRP Sonar Below $200

Raymarine’s Dragonfly comes in seven new models including the entry-level 4.3-inch.

Raymarine Dragonfly

Raymarine Dragonfly

FLIR Systems has introduced seven new models of its Dragonfly range, including the 4.3-inch Dragonfly 4 DV, which is being marketed as the world’s first recreational CHIRP sonar costing less than $200. (Retail is $199.)

The Dragonfly series offers CHIRP sonar vision, all-weather color displays and wireless mobile device integration. While conventional sonars transmit a single frequency with each pulse, Dragonfly’s CHRIP sonar simultaneously pulses across a spectrum of frequencies, creating higher-resolution images. Dragonfly’s CHIRP DownVision technology allows performance to 600 feet with high-speed bottom tracking.

The Dragonfly PRO models combine CHIRP DownVision and conventional CHIRP sonar with 10Hz GPS for staying on course, and internal Wi-Fi for streaming to mobile devices. All of the GPS-equipped Dragonfly models support charts from Navionics, C-MAP by Jeppesen and Raymarine LightHouse.

“The first Dragonfly, launched in 2013, was a breakthrough that let fishermen see the underwater world with incredible fidelity,” Grégoire Outters, vice president and general manager of FLIR Maritime, stated in a press release. “Now with the expanded and more attractively priced Dragonfly range, we are making our high-performance CHIRP DownVision sonar technology within reach of every fisherman and boater.”

More information about all seven Dragonfly models is at