FarSounder Introduces Local History Mapping

FarSounder has added Local History Mapping to help boaters build 3-D maps of the seafloor.

FarSounder has announced a feature called Local History Mapping, which lets users build a 3-D map of the seafloor.

As a yacht cruises over a portion of seafloor, the map is updated on the system's nautical chart display, then presented for the user in conjunction with the real-time sonar overlay.

The feature will be included as part of FarSounder's standard navigation sonar software starting with SonaSoft 3.3. New customers will automatically have the feature with FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000 units. Existing customers can send an update request form.

How did they do that? The Local History Mapping feature is based on a bathymetric survey engine that FarSounder developed in-house.