Exceeding Expectations

Hull No. 1 of the Oceanic Yachts 90 ends sea trials with a top speed of 26.8 knots.

Oceanic Yachts 90

Oceanic Yachts has completed sea trials on Hull No. 1 of its 90 STS Tsa Tsa, which the builder says exceeded expectations on the waters off Cannes, France.

“I must say we achieved all our goals,” Michel Karsenti, managing director of Oceanic Yachts, stated in a press release. “We wanted to reduce buoyancy aft to be able to run the boat at low speed with the handling that would be as close as possible to a typical displacement hull.”

Below 15 knots, the Oceanic 90’s hull operates similarly to a heavy displacement boat’s. At 8 knots, she burns 10.5 gallons of diesel fuel for both engines. At 10 knots, gph is 18.5. Cranking the throttles of course increases fuel burn, but allows the Oceanic 90 to run at 22 knots cruise with a top end of 26.8 knots at just two-thirds engine load.

“The production series will be built with an entire Kevlar superstructure that will reduce the weight, lower the center of gravity,” Karsenti stated. “We are confident we will then be able to reach 23 knots cruising speed and more than 27 knots top speed.”

Tsa Tsa has an upper-deck owner's suite with private terrace, plus a VIP and two guest cabins on the bottom deck. The interior is done in limed gray oak, Macassar ebony and wenge.