‘Entourage’ Movie Films on Yacht

The Miami shoot was aboard the 154-foot Delta Usher, which is available for charter.

January 23, 2014

154-foot Delta motoryacht Usher for charter

The cast of the ‘Entourage’ movie filmed scenes in Miami aboard the 154-foot Delta Usher.

Vince, E, Turtle and Johnny Drama partied for the cameras in Miami this month during a shoot aboard a megayacht in Miami for the Entourage movie, which will pick up where the popular HBO television series left off.

Stars from the show gathered aboard the yacht to stage a party with bikini-clad and topless babes, much as they did on the series in their Hollywood homes. The yacht used in the shoot was the 154-foot Delta Usher, according to the Daily Mail.

Usher, formerly known as_ Mr. Terrible_, is a 2007 build that is part of the Northrop and Johnson charter fleet. Her weekly base rate is $175,000 for 12 guests. She is a standout on the charter market thanks to her eclectic interior décor, which is marketed as Polynesian chic. Other features include a sundeck hot tub and onboard elevator.


There’s no word about whether the boys or their longtime cohort, Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven), shot any scenes indoors, but the party scenes on deck looked like a heck of a lot of fun. We’re hoping they don’t cross over into the bacchanal that took place onboard a yacht during The Wolf of Wall Street, but, of course, aboard a boat that used to be called_ Mr. Terrible_ with the Entourage crew, anything is possible.


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