How Videoworks Outfitted the Sanlorenzo SP110 ‘Almax’

Videoworks installed communications, entertainment and home automation systems on board.

Sanlorenzo SP110
The Sanlorenzo SP110 Almax has a 5G modem and four active SIMs. Courtesy Videoworks

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Videoworks is revealing details about how it outfitted the Sanlorenzo SP110 Almax for communications, entertainment and home automation.

The project focused around a single, centralized, 30-unit rack for all AV and IT systems, eliminating the need for smaller units throughout the yacht. Videoworks says this setup took up 40 percent less space and generates 30 percent less heat, along with reducing cable needs by 20 percent.

Videoworks also installed its MyInfo 3.0 app to manage the multimedia and infotainment channels on the yacht’s smart TVs. The interface for controlling individual areas from iOS or Android devices can be downloaded by scanning the QR code in each room.

Almax also has a 5G modem and four active SIMs, and is LEO-satellite-system-ready, which means antennas can be connected at any time to receive Starlink or OneWeb satellite connectivity services. The Wi-Fi system is equipped with Kerio technology for managing internet connections and VLANs, and for firewall, antivirus and web-filter functions.

Outside, there are four pop-up speakers integrated into the deckhouse design. A karaoke system is in the lounge, and a presentation system is in the main salon, lounge and cockpit. Lights, blinds and climate control are all integrated as well.

What if something breaks? Videoworks includes a remote assistance server in all its systems, so the company’s help desk can intervene remotely 24/7/365.

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