Simrad Unveils NSX Ultrawide

The NSX Ultrawide display is as much as 63 percent wider than NSX versions.
Simrad NSX Ultrawide
The Simrad NSX Ultrawide displays are 63 percent larger than NSX displays and combine the visual real estate of two displays into a single screen. Courtesy Simrad Yachting

Want more width on the screens at your boat’s helm? Simrad Yachting’s new NSX Ultrawide might be the marine display to check out at the boat shows this year.

Simrad unveiled the NSX Ultrawide in early January, saying it is up to 63 percent wider than previous NSX displays—with the goal being to have the equivalent of dual screens in one place, without all the muss and fuss that usually comes with installing multiple screens at a boat’s helm.

“With a showstopping aesthetic and enhanced functionality, the NSX Ultrawide is setting a new standard in the marketplace, and we are proud to pave the way,” Kevin Steinbraker, vice president and general manager, digital systems of Navico Group, stated in a press release. “Whether in their cars, computer monitor at work, or the TVs in their homes, consumers have grown accustomed to and love the benefits of ultra-wide screens. Now they can have those same experiences at the helm with immersive graphics and flexible viewing splits.”

The NSX Ultrawide is available in 12- and 15-inch screen sizes. Simrad says it’s versatile enough for small to midsize center consoles, surf and wake boats, and cruisers. Multiple NSX Ultrawide displays can be combined at a single helm station, for boaters who want to see even more data and information all in one location.

The latest C-Map Discover X charts are optimized for NSX, which includes this new Ultrawide display. The high-pixel density of the Ultrawide display shows super–sharp resolution, according to Simrad, giving users unprecedented levels of detail. For avid anglers, extra detail can be added with an upgrade to Reveal X, which has shaded relief and satellite imagery.

The X-Gen charts also have features such as the new C-Map Safety Alerts, which are built to automatically alert users to hazards up ahead, ranging from shallow waters to buoys.

Additionally, in what Simrad says is an industry first, the C-Map X-Chart Manager lets users manage C-Map chart updates and upgrades directly from their device, with the ability to choose custom areas for a near-instant download.

Do most people prefer bigger displays? The National Institutes of Health sure thinks so. It cites a study on its website that says the answer is yes, at least when it comes to screen sizes on smartphones. Researchers found that a large screen, compared to a small screen, promotes perceived ease of use.

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