Hinckley Unveils the JetStick 4

The control system allows skippers to change modes without pushing buttons.
Hinckley Yachts JetStick 4
The Hinckley Yachts JetStick 4 control system lets the driver change modes without pushing any buttons. Courtesy Hinckley Yachts

Hinckley Yachts in Maine has unveiled the JetStick 4 control system, which the builder says simplifies and adds precision to driving the yachts that Hinckley builds.

The GPS hardware built into the JetStick 4 includes fast digital processors that add to position accuracy.

“We call it elegant yacht control,” Scott Bryant, Hinckley’s vice president of sales and marketing, stated in a press release. “Operation of the joystick is now possible without having to look down and push buttons to change from one mode to another. The smart function is completely intuitive and does it for you. It’s easier than using your tablet or phone.”

The JetStick 4 control system is available on all Hinckley new builds and is accompanied by Hamilton waterjets. The combination, according to the builder, improves top-end performance along with maneuverability.

What’s the Dock Hold feature? It’s the biggest difference between JetStick 3 and JetStick 4. Dock Hold can reportedly now better hold a boat against a dock while lines are secured, or while other chores are performed on deck or below.

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