GOST’s Universal Control Unit

GOST’s Universal Control Unit works on yachts with wireless or hardwired systems.
GOST Universal Control Unit
GOST’s Universal Control Unit comes with a 4G LTE GSM Module for communications. Courtesy GOST

GOST, which makes security and monitoring systems, says its Universal Control Unit can be used with the GOST Apparition IDP and NT Evolution IDP to be fully compatible for hardwired inputs for up to 192 zones.

The Universal Control Unit has traditionally been known for its wireless sensor capabilities, but it also can be used to hardwire GOST systems.

“While our UL-listed wireless transmitters are a great solution for many clients, we have many boatbuilders and after-market refit installations that can make full use of hardwired sensors such as door and hatch sensors, and float switches, to name a few,” Brian Kane, chief technology officer at GOST, stated in a press release. “Hardwiring a system is always a preferred option to reduce operator battery maintenance. It also lends itself nicely to the refit market with contact sensors, and wire runs are already installed.”

The UCU comes with a 4G LTE GSM Module for communications such as alerts, and arm and disarm functions. Local arming can be done via key fob, or optional 5- or 7-inch touchscreen keypads. Additionally, the UCU can work with any existing onboard internet via a third-party CAT5 ethernet plug.

The UCU can communicate with up to 32 wireless sensors, five relays and 32 users/key fobs. The system includes wireless, completely independent door/hatch contacts, infrared beam sensors, deck pressure sensors, high water sensors, DC battery low voltage, AC shore power loss and smoke detectors. It can also have wireless relay outputs for control of light switches, additional sirens, and more.

What if a boater needs to monitor more zones? The Universal Control Unit’s com bus can be interfaced to an eight-zone hardwired expansion and have multiple expansion modules.

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