B&G Unveils Hercules

Hercules is a sailing performance processor with advanced data, settings, connectivity and compatibility.
B&G Hercules
The B&G Hercules expansion module makes it possible to add sensors for sailing and racing. Courtesy B&G

B&G, a leader in sailing electronics, has launched Hercules. It’s a sailing-performance processor that provides advanced, instantaneous data; enhanced settings; improved connectivity; and compatibility.

The Hercules expansion module lets sailors integrate additional sensors specifically for cruising or racing.

“A new solution for advanced cruising and racing sailors, the Hercules sailing processor offers greater compatibility across our suite of sailing electronics,” Kevin Steinbraker, vice president and general manager of digital systems at Navico Group, stated in a press release. “This instrument will take your sailing system to the next level.”

Hercules has a quad-core processor for true wind calculations, motion correction and calibration, advanced heel and correction settings, boat speed calibration and advanced starline calculations, along with polar tables for performance data.

The system is compatible with existing Triton 2, H5000, Nemesis and HV displays, as well as Vulcan and Zeus chartplotters.

All sailing and sensor data can be stored to the internal SD card for custom data sets, managed through a new web interface, or transferred to the B&G companion app to be uploaded and reviewed later. Sailors can also record custom events, such as sail changes and configurations.

The B&G Hercules Sailing Processor is $2,999, the Hercules Expansion Module is $1,899, and the Hercules WTP is $7,999.

What is Hercules WTP? It’s the version of the system targeting ultra-high-performance and racing demands, with enhanced customization through Python scripting along with enhanced integration options, including ModBus support.

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