Electronics Upgrade

Take a close look at your electronics setup — it may be time for something new.

Simrad Yachting NSO Offshore

Versatile Performer
Simrad Yachting capitalized on the proven operating system of the NSE multifunction displays to roll out its NSO Offshore systems (shown right - prices start at $4,799). NSO Offshore begins with a processor that's speedy enough to power up to three displays, utilizing a menu-based interface that allows the user to get deep into the multiple features of the plotter and additional components. The plotter is compatible with Navionics Platinum+ cartography and plots in both 2-D and 3-D modes. Peripheral add-ons could include the company's broadband radar and sounder modules, as well as Sirius satellite weather and the proprietary SonicHub entertainment system. Compatibility with BEP Marine's CZone vesselmonitoring system lets the NSO put the status of bilge sensors, tank levels and power consumption on the NSO Offshore displays. Screen options range from 10-inch to 19-inch units, and a remote keypad allows for ease of operation. Simrad Yachting, 800-661-3983; www.simrad-yachting.com

Shiny and New
Furuno's MU190HD ($7,495) is a 19-inch marine-grade flatscreen LCD with 1,000-candela-per-square-meter output — a brightness measurement on par with HD televisions — that serves the unit well for full-sunlight applications. The screen offers SXGA resolution and is built of bonded glass with an anti-reflective coating that provides bright colors and wide viewing angles. The display accepts one RGB analog input, two digital video interfaces and three NTSC/PAL input jacks to accommodate multiple components, and can be flush-mounted, or use optional brackets for tabletop or ceiling mounting. The MU190HD also has automatic signal recognition for simplified setup. Furuno USA, 360-834-9300; www.furunousa.com

Rise Above
The Seaview DM4 ($1,300) dual-mounting mast elevates a satellite dome for optimal signal continuity, while centering the open-array radar antenna on the base plate for a solid mount. Built of powder-coated aluminum, the rugged mast offers a 10-inch-square radar base plate. The upper plate is designed for 14- to 18-inch domes, and an optional light bar ($200) available with an LED nav light rounds out the installation. Seaview, 800-523-7558; www.seaviewglobal.com