Duffield 58: Quiet and Economical

Famous for its electric launches, this West Coast builder turns up the juice with a diesel-powered cruiser.

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Marshall “Duffy” Duffield wanted his company’s new yacht to have a simple and luxurious interior, but also be highly functional. He specified a single-level main deck with 360-degree sight lines wrapped in a traditionally styled structure. Having made a mark in the marine industry with Duffy Electric Boat Co., he needed the Duffield 58 to be quiet and economical. He called yacht designer Doug Zurn for his thoughts. This Duffield 58 is the result. Courtesy of Duffield Yachts

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From the waterline to the hardtop over the flying bridge, the 58’s styling recalls many of the powerboat designs that established Zurn’s reputation for fine proportion and skill at interpreting traditional themes. The trunk cabin would seem perfectly at ease on a sailboat or a “lobster-yachtish” express cruiser. Her superstructure’s relatively upright stance and straight lines also remind us of working lobster boats or one of the coastal cruisers from Bunker & Ellis. Her single-level main deck allowed Zurn to give the 58 a relatively low profile, in spite of the flying bridge. In addition to enhancing the yacht’s appearance, the low profile reduces windage, which eases docking maneuvers and reduces heeling in a strong crosswind. Courtesy Duffield Yachts

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A generous amount of glass area provides excellent sight lines all around, bringing the yacht’s surroundings indoors and giving the helmsman a view of the yacht’s every corner. I like the centerline helm for the same reason — sight lines — and it permitted a settee and table to be nestled into the portside corner, so the skipper may have company on longer stints. The companionway to the lower deck is to starboard of the helm. Stretching nearly half the 58’s length overall are the salon and afterdeck. Her galley lives at the after end, port side, of the salon. Click through to check out the general arrangement plans. Courtesy of Duffield Yachts

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Zurn put the single diesel engine as far aft as he could — under the cockpit — isolating its muted voice even more than the sound-attenuation devices employed. It rests on soft mounts and spins the prop via a remote V-drive. The location allows the fuel and water tanks to be mounted close to the yacht’s longitudinal center of buoyancy, so she’ll ride on her lines instead of digging a hole in the water. Courtesy of Duffield Yachts

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“The semidisplacement hull form of the Duffield 58 is designed to drive the vessel effortlessly through the waves,” Zurn said. “Short overhangs provide more interior volume, and a longer waterline contributes to longitudinal stability for a more comfortable, level ride. The fine bow entry at 50 degrees deadrise transitions gracefully to a smooth runoff aft with only 9.5 degrees deadrise. The flats of the chine help entice water to move away from the hull, producing not only a drier ride and more stable ride, but less resistance as well with smaller stern waves.” This new yacht from the electric-boat experts promises to carry on the tradition of quiet and economical running in a roomy package. Duffield Yachts, 949-645-6811; SPECIFICATIONS:
LOA: 58’11”
BEAM: 16’0″
DRAFT: 3’5¾”
DISPL.: 48,053 lb. (half load)
FUEL: 672 gal.
WATER: 150 gal.
ENGINE: 1 x 570 hp Caterpillar C12 diesel
Courtesy of Duffield Yachts