Dreamers and Doers

A timeless tale of inspiring cruisers.

Yachting Magazine April 1967 issue
Yachting's April 1967 issue.Yachting

Yacht design has come a long way since Yachting started 110 years ago, but two common threads weave the sport's past and present together: purpose and passion among enthusiasts. Mary Clark and her husband illustrate both.

In our April 1967 issue, Yachting featured the Clarks' custom-designed, 60-foot "houseboat," affectionately dubbed Clarksark. There's no shortage of passion in the Clarks; they spent six months of the year cruising on the Ohio River. Nor were they short on purpose. Their cruising activities included ravine exploration, docking and dining at barges turned restaurants, and anchoring alongside the boats of friends.

Yachting Magazine April 1967 issue
Yachting's April 1967 issue.Yachting

However, the Clarks’ purpose for their yacht wouldn’t stop at summer river getaways: Clarksark eventually became their retirement home. Come the summer months of 1967, the Clarks cruised south on the Intracoastal Waterway, even then a frequently traveled route. There Clarksark would stay until she became their official waterborne residence.

The Clarks were neither the first nor the last to live the post-career life aboard a yacht. It seems a love for life on the water is a never-ending story.

“No grass to mow, no trees to trim, and when the environs begin to pale, pull in the line and head for another port.”

- “Our Cruising Houseboat,” Yachting, April 1967


The windshield aboard Clarksark proudly displayed a facility decal of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, a tribute to years of the Clarks’ volunteer work.


A homelike feel was essential for the Clarks’ custom craft. Since they were music lovers, one of their yacht’s personal touches was a full-size Conn electric organ.


Clarksark was built by Kelly Shop Inc., a builder of custom boats. The yard took “armchair admirals from their living room and put them afloat,” Mary wrote.