Dragon and Falcon ready for dive

Video released of DeepFlight's state-of-the-art sister submarines.

This video shows two groundbreaking submarines: the Deepflight Dragon and the Super Falcon MK II.

DeepFlight bills the Dragon as the "easiest submarine to pilot." The sub has the ability to hover and fly, and in the video is seen doing both. DeepFlight says the ease of use is thanks to its DeepFlight Dive Manager, which the company developed to monitor and manage critical functions. Another helpful feature is the Dragon's fixed positive buoyancy, which automatically makes the sub float back to the surface.

Another perk of the Dragon is its relatively small size. At only 16-feet 5-inches long, 6-feet 3-inches wide and 3-feet 7-inches tall, the Dragon is designed to fit aboard as many yachts as possible.

The Super Falcon, also from DeepFlight, has an inverted wing design the company claims is unique in the submarine world, making the craft fly similarly to an airplane (albeit cruising next to dolphins and sharks instead of birds and clouds).

The Falcon weighs 4,000 pounds, a 5.9-meter length and a width of 1.4 meters with its wings folded. It is 1.6 meters tall, making it able to fit on many yachts with little or no retrofit necessary. It also has the fixed positive buoyancy feature.

Each sub has room for two passengers and an operating depth of 120 meters.