Don’t Be the Guy Left on the Dock

After the jam-packed holidays, Hargrave urges early bookings for its charter yachts.

Hargrave Yachts Gigi II

Hargrave Yachts Gigi II

The charter division at Hargrave Yachts is encouraging anyone interested in late-winter or summer 2015 charters to book early, following a Christmas and New Year’s season in which every single yacht in the fleet was fully booked.

“The people that waited until the last minute to book were left standing on the dock,” says Hargrave broker Herman Pundt.

Hargrave offers daily, weekly and longer charter options. Yachts in the fleet that were built by Hargrave include:

• 125-foot Gigi II, now in Florida and the Bahamas and heading to New England for the summer (and shown in the photograph above);

• 114-foot Sea Legend, now in the Virgin Islands;

• 101-foot Sassy, Sea Venture, Seafarer and Carbon Copy, all now in Florida or the Bahamas, with Seafarer and Carbon Copy both heading to New England this summer;

• 93-foot Sterling V, now in Florida and the Bahamas and going to New England for the summer;

• 78-foot Never Quit, now in Florida and the Bahamas.

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