The Ditch Kit

Survival Simplified: This floating survival kit offers an array of supplies should things go south.

The Ditch Kit

When you are prepared for any situation, you have peace of mind. That is what licensed captain and survival expert Dan Cohen hopes his new Ditch Kit line will provide. Should disaster strike, the buoyant kit can be quickly thrown into a life raft.

The Ditch Kit ranges from $700 to $2,700 and addresses the emergency needs of coastal cruisers and ocean-crossing voyagers alike. The kits include everything from flares and whistles to sat phones, EPIRBs and VHFs.

Cohen explains that the key to his Ditch Kit's success is its organization. "It can be flipped upside down and shaken up and everything will be in its designated place when you open it" says Cohen. A lifetime product notification service alerts owners when items in their kits, like flares, need to be replaced. The Ditch Kit, 305-389-6255

Check out the video below to see the bouyancy of The Ditch Kit.