Deck Accessories

Upgraded deck equipment can improve a good yacht and make time on board more enjoyable.


Soft Sides

Fenders may protect the topsides of your yacht from docks and pilings, but what protects those same topsides from the fender itself? Eliminate the risk of damage from vinyl fenders grinding salt into those painted surfaces with Maine Point Fender Covers (starting at $26). Constructed of durable, quick-drying Polartec fleece, the covers use the heavy loft of the fabric to eliminate abrasion and annoying squeaks, all the while improving the look of your boat dockside. Custom sizes, shapes, and embroidery are available. Maine Point Fender Covers, (800) 525-4085; _www.mainepointfendercovers.com_

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Hang Out

Custom Fenderhooks (starting at $360 each) are a beautiful melding of style and function. Built on a stainless steel shank, Fenderhooks are handcrafted of sheared sheepskin and leather. Corners are half-radiused and polished to a smooth finish to prevent dog-earing or damage to decks when dropped. Stainless components are through-bolted in countersunk holes and finished with acorn or locking aircraft nuts. Stainless grommets are set with a ton and a half of pressure to prevent failure. Available in natural or black leather, Fenderhooks are constructed with the hardware setup you require, and embossed with your vessel's name as well. FenderHooks, (561) 832-3434; _www.fenderhook.com_

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Soak and Stow

The Hosemaster Model-S (starting at $159) from Glendinning simplifies boat cleaning by stowing up to 16 feet of wet hose out of sight, leaving only the spray nozzle exposed. Optional hatch accessories let the nozzle disappear beneath a lid into a covered receptacle. Built of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and plastic, the hosemaster retracts the hose on a spring-powered reel, where it's stowed and ready for the next washdown. Glendinning, (843) 399-6146; _www.glendinningprods.com_

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Long Haul

The new RC10 windlass ($1,688) from Maxwell is a peek into the future of weighing anchor. The RC10, available in both capstan and low-profile versions (shown here), works with 8 mm (5/16-inch) and 10 mm (3/8-inch) short link chain and 14 mm (9/16-inch) and 16 mm (5/8-inch) three-strand or 8-plait line. The RC10 also uses Maxwell's patented Wave Design chainwheel system, which grips the rode in a gentle wave pattern, as opposed to the typical jam-cleat-style chainwheel, adding to the lifespan of your anchor line. Maxwell Marine, (954) 566-1236; _www.maxwellmarine.com_

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Heavy Lifting

Hydraulic Mini Crane davit systems (starting at $18,225) from Nautical Structures offer sturdy, good-looking tender-launching solutions. Available in mono- or telescoping-boom configurations, the davit systems offer lengths from nine to 14 feet, depending on the model. Lifting weight capacities in the series range from 1,100 to 2,200 pounds (shown). Constructed of awlgrip-painted aluminum, the davits use a hydraulic linear winch system, and are equipped with an overload-protection system to prevent dangerous lifting situations. Nautical Structures, (888) 541-6664; _www.nautical-structures.com_

The Survey Says ****Surveyor and captain Mike Wright talks hardware. ******Yachting**: How much scrutiny does deck hardware during a survey? ******Mike Wright**: Actually, quite a bit. First off, you need to see if the cleats are large enough for the size of the boat. See if they're bolted through, not just screwed down. Depending on a yacht's vintage, many cabin leaks come from hardware that's been sitting there and the bedding is gone and the water comes in. ******Yachting**: When you survey a boat, does the owner usually want to keep the hardware? ******MW**: I'd say 95 percent of them want to keep what's there. They want it serviceable the way it is.Yachting: What kind of deck hardware usually gets replaced first?MW: Anchor windlass, without a doubt. An owner either wants a new one or a better one.|