New Elevated Charter Experiences

There are two new and innovative ways to experience a crewed charter for Azimut and Sunseeker yachts.
ThirdHome option
Azimut Charter Club bookings are available in the Mediterranean, with more destinations expected to be added. Courtesy ThirdHome

Connoisseurs of high-end travel are always looking for the next best idea. Even at the upper extremes of luxury, there might be a way to tweak this piece or twist that part in a way that creates an even more perfect offering for an audience that wants a certain type of experience. Crewed yacht charter? It’s a fantastic option that already comes in many tantalizing flavors. But what about crewed yacht charter and… all the additional possibilities that last bit might include?

Such is the thinking behind two new initiatives that allow vacationers to experience top-brand yachts in new ways. Motoryachts built by Sunseeker in the United Kingdom and by Azimut in Italy have long been considered prime-quality options for recreation on the world’s waterways. Now they’re available for crewed charter through programs intended to appeal to clients with specific sensibilities.

ThirdHome option
Options continue to grow for memorable escapes on land and at sea. Courtesy ThirdHome

Crewed charter aboard a Sunseeker 95 in Mallorca, Spain, is now an option for members of ThirdHome, a company whose members share their second and third homes, sort of like a high-net-worth Airbnb. The company has partnered with Meros Yachtsharing, which specializes in the co-ownership of Sunseeker vessels. People who have flex-share time aboard the yacht can now trade it for a stay at a ThirdHome property or vice versa.

“It’s all about the huge rise in interest in the sharing economy and the idea of sophisticated people sharing valuable assets between like-minded individuals, ultimately for the benefit of each other,” according to the ThirdHome team.

Meanwhile, fans of the Azimut brand now have a dedicated point of entry for booking crewed charters aboard Azimut-built yachts. The Azimut Charter Club, announced in January, is kicking off in the Mediterranean this year.

Sunseeker 95
Crewed charter aboard a Sunseeker 95 in Mallorca, Spain, is now an option for members of ThirdHome. Courtesy Sunseeker International

“The philosophy of the Charter Club is to offer a personalized service with attention to the smallest details, guaranteed by the brand’s expertise and the territorial coverage ensured by its extensive network of dealers and partners,” according to the Azimut team. Bookings are available aboard yachts up to 78 feet long, all of them launched within the previous five years.

Of course, Azimuts also remain available for charter through traditional companies whose fleets include yachts from all kinds of builders, but Azimut also aims to bring fans of the brand into contact with its dealers, who will handle check-in and checkout during the charter experience.

“Other models will soon be added, as well as new destinations,” the company says, “to ensure the perfect setting for a summer with family and friends.”

Azimut Charter Club

Yachts that are part of this initiative are as large as 78 feet length overall. Each one is a late-model launch from the previous five years. Guests can book through a portal or work with the Azimut concierge on reservations and legal paperwork. An Azimut dealer handles check-in for charters.

Prime Property

Members of ThirdHome have ­access to private residences, villas and luxury estates in addition to a fully crewed Sunseeker yacht.