Courtesy of Mr. Billy Joel

Billy Joel donates his 57-foot commuter yacht to the International SeaKeepers Society.

Billy Joel Yacht
Vendetta’s name, Joel says, was chosen because living well is the best revenge.Courtesy Billy Joel

Billy Joel's commuter yacht, Vendetta, has been making yachtsmen swoon since Doug Zurn designed her a decade ago. She was started at North End Composites, then moved to Coecles Harbor Marine and finished at the Derecktor yard, with a build cost of more than $2 million.

Now, Joel has donated the yacht to the International SeaKeepers Society, which protects the oceans through research, conservation and education.

“We are forever grateful for this donation and would like to thank yacht broker Bruce Leffers of Northrop & Johnson for assisting to make this happen,” SeaKeepers president and CEO Richard Snow stated in a press release.