Cobra Marine C-Pod

The C-Pod monitoring system sets up a “geo-fence” around your boat and reports on basics.


For smaller motoryachts, Cobra Marine is bringing to market a simple monitoring system that has been popular in Europe for years. Manufactured by SeaKey of Sweden, the C-Pod monitoring system (starts at $500 for hardware, $25 per month subscription) sets up a "geo-fence" around your boat and reports on basics such as battery levels, high water, break-ins, or fire, with up to 12 optional sensors. A remote-control function can adjust the air conditioning or turn on a refrigerator. Using the cellular grid, C-Pod communicates unauthorized movement and system-status reports to an absent owner via the website and text messages to a mobile device. The strikingly named "heartbeat function" lets an owner know if the C-Pod has malfunctioned or has been disabled. Cobra Electronics, (773) 889-3087;