Drone Spotting: Chopi Chopi

The 262-foot megayacht enters the French port of Bonifacio.

September 3, 2015

When the 262-foot motor yacht Chopi Chopi arrived in Bonifacio, she was the largest yacht to ever enter the port.

The Big Time

Two elevators are aboard Chopi Chopi, one for crew, another for guests, but my host and I took the stairs. Builder CRN , located in Ancona along Italy’s Adriatic coast, says the 262-foot megayacht has five decks plus a subdeck, but believe me, it felt every bit of 20 stories by the time we’d completed the climb from the keel to the sun deck. I knew the yacht was big, of course, both from the plans and my view of her profile as we approached, but it’s not until you’re inside that you begin to get a feel for just how much volume is in such a vessel…. To read the full article click here.


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