Can Superyacht Parts be 3D Printed?

A 3D printing machine is being built in a way that will let it produce on-demand parts for superyacht construction.

Poly Products, a company in the Netherlands, is scheduled to receive the first of CEAD’s 3D printers this summer.CEAD

The 3D printing machine in the rendering above is going to stand about 13 feet by 6½ feet by 5 feet — big enough to make sizable parts that can be used to build yachts and other vessels. That’s one reason the Dutch company CEAD is building it, with hopes that it will be fully operational this summer. The machine’s composite technology reinforces the printed parts, meaning it could turn out hot tubs, piping, housings and more — not just for mock-ups, but for real-life use at sea.

The idea is to make it financially feasible for shipyards to print, say, one ­complex-design part for a custom superyacht without needing to create a mold. Imagine the ability to order custom parts at print-on-demand speed. That’s the promise.