Bulletproof Boating

The Dartz Prombron’Nagel allows you to tow your yacht through your neighborhood or war zone.

Bulletproof Boating

Dartz Prombron

Long line at the boat ramp? If you are sporting the 2012 Dartz Prombron’Nagel, go ahead and cut everyone. No one is going to stop the world’s first armored Sportback, which is designed to pull yachts and withstand machine gun fire.

Security Company Dartz Prombron has recruited Gray Design on this venture to help celebrate their 1911 victory in the infamous long-distance rally, The Monte Carlo Rally.

Powered by a 2,000-horsepower engine, the Dartz Prombron’Nagel boasts speeds of 155 miles an hour, a smooth drive and a towing capacity of 15 meters and 10,000 pounds.

If the yacht and armored car in the driveway aren’t enough to be the envy of your neighbors, you can customize your vehicle. You can indulge in natural gold-plated bulletproof windows, a white gold and ruby encrusted dashboard, special edition mobile phone with an “alert” button or a Rogue Acoustic Audio system.

As an additional incentive when you purchase the Bondesqe duo, you receive three bottles of Russo Baltique Vodka, the world’s most expensive vodka.

Please enjoy responsibly.