Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Lets You Carry a Tune

The strap-on speaker exceeds IPX7 standards for waterproof use.

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Bose built the SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker ($109) to strap onto coolers, bicycle handlebars or just about anything else that might go into the tender before heading ashore. The speaker is less than 4 inches tall and wide, and it weighs just a hair more than 10 ounces, so ­attaching it to clothes or a backpack is also an option.

The exterior is made of silicone rubber, and a silicone seal protects the tech inside, which is how Bose got the IPX7 waterproof rating. The battery lasts for six hours, and the speaker’s wireless range is 30 feet. Once paired to a phone’s Bluetooth, the speaker will accept calls.

The SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker retails for $99.95.Bose

Pump up the Volume: The Bose Connect app on a smartphone controls the speaker, and it can connect two speakers for super-loud party mode.

By Any Stretch: The flexible strap unhooks and then rehooks at its bottom, so it can wrap around objects. Bose calls the strap material "tear-resistant."