Boating’s First Battery-Power Gyro

The Seakeeper 3DC is designed for 30- to 40-foot boats and works without a generator.

Seakeeper 3DC

Seakeeper 3DC

Seakeeper, which makes motion-control devices for boats 230 feet and smaller, has introduced the Seakeeper 3DC, which the company says is the marine industry’s first-ever battery-powered gyro.

The $29,900 unit is meant for boats 30 to 40 feet length overall that weigh 10 tons or less.

The Seakeeper 3DC runs solely off DC power, which means boats without a generator can enjoy the stability of a gyro system without having to install a generator to power it.

Estimated roll reduction: 70 percent to 90 percent, according to Seakeeper.

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