Best of 2011: Destinations

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November 21, 2011


Eagles Nest is a little slice of heaven that features five custom villas that are so tastefully executed they would stimulate the dead. Each one has stunning views across the Bay of Islands, nestled outside of the ridiculously charming town of Russell. The environment will captivate you, and the over-the-top service will keep you coming back.


Ligurian Coast, Italy: You have to give big points to a place with charms that never grow old, and the Italian Riviera surely qualifies. From San Remo to La Spezia, this stretch of coastline is utterly spectacular. Genoa remains, for us, an enchanting city with a vibrant seafront and the oldest medieval quarter in all of Europe. And Portofino, St. Margherita Ligure, Portovenere and the stunning towns of the Cinque Terre? Come on.


Christophe Harbour, St. Kitts: We have always thought St. Kitts was underappreciated, but that’s liable to change. Take the stunning scenery of this undeveloped West Indian island and add tasteful seashore and hillside homes, golf, a beach club and a megayacht marina, and you have Christophe Harbour. Developers swear their aim is to preserve this island’s flavor — and since they can’t improve on it, that would only be wise.




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