Bertram Repower

A Bertram 35 Moppie owner repowers his classic craft with Volvo Penta IPS diesels.

The owner of a vintage Bertram converts his power package to Volvo Penta IPS.Courtesy Volvo Penta

Admittedly, the owner of the 35-foot Bertram Moppie Fiddler says it took him a beat to get used to his boat's new power package and controls after repowering the 1970 build using Volvo Penta IPS600 with D6 435 diesels.

“I’m 54, so I’m a little old-school,” he stated in a press release. “When I put my hand on the joystick, it took a minute—but I got it. Not as quick as my 20-year-old, who picked it up in a second, but I picked it up pretty quick.”

With the repower, handled by Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison, Fiddler moved from a 24-knot top speed to 34 knots, turning her into the more muscular dayboat the owner envisioned.

“Now it’s a picnic boat on steroids,” he says. “It’s bigger, beefier and better looking.”