Benetti and Stradivarius – Queens at Monte Carlo

The megayacht Bistango played host to a world class concert.

Benetti and Stradivarius – Queens at Monte Carlo 2

This past June 23, on board the gorgeous megayacht Bistango, built at the Benetti boatyards, an exclusive event held Monte Carlo spellbound, bringing together two Italians of excellence, two icons recognised throughout the world for the perfection of their craftsmanship and their unwavering attention to detail that has made each of them truly one of a kind in their respective fields.

And this was the central thread running throughout the evening. The event was centred around an exclusive concert by the world-famous violinist Benjamin Schmid. Inside the music salon set on the upper deck of this 62-metre Benetti, Schmid performed a series of classic pieces from his renowned repertoire on a 1731 Stradivarius.

It was a concert for a select few guests, who, in addition to the performance by the Viennese maestro, were also treated to a stellar talk by the London professor Florian Leonhard, a world-class enthusiast, connoisseur, and scholar of Stradivarius.

In the Bistango’s enchanting rooms, guests were able to hear first-hand the power and magic in the sound of a Stradivarius violin while learning about the instrument’s secrets and how it was built. Maestro Schmid and Professor Leonhard chatted with the guests, responding to questions and curiosity.

An evening as unique as it was irreplicable, where perfection in the Benetti yacht's construction and style were underscored by the union with the artistic and musical jewels of Stradivarius. For its part, the yacht offered one of the world's most exclusive stages for playing the notes of an unparalleled Italian success.