Behind the Scenes at the Sanlorenzo Shipyard in Italy

The photography exhibit Navigators: A Voyage Through the Sanlorenzo Shipyards shows connoisseurs a new side of Sanlorenzo.

The exhibit Navigators: A Voyage Through the Sanlorenzo Shipyards features black-and-white photographs like this.Sanlorenzo

Since the early 1200s, the Castello di Giorgio has towered atop a rocky promontory overlooking Lerici, Italy. It has been restored and is now home to a paleontology museum, as well as to rotating exhibits — which, through March 10, include a photographic journey through the nearby Sanlorenzo shipyard.

The exhibition includes 30 black-and-white photographs by Silvano Pupella, whose work has been featured across Western Europe. In Navigators: A Voyage Through the Sanlorenzo Shipyards, he sought to immerse viewers in the yacht-production process.

Silvano Pupella, the photographer who created this exhibit, spent 30 years working in management at large communications companies. He tries to create photography that is not only seen, but also “felt.” He believes companies such as Sanlorenzo can use artistic ­photography to tell a powerful story.Sanlorenzo

Massimo Perotti, CEO of Sanlorenzo, reportedly conceived the idea to show unseen perspectives on Italian yacht construction.

“In this exhibit, Sanlorenzo wishes to tell the story of the intrinsic beauty of its products, which, even before being completed, have a hidden charm of their own,” he stated in a press release. “His decisive black-and-white photography that recalls the great American school of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston masterfully portrays the brand.”