Finnish Lines

Scandinavian builder Axopar brings its sporty, 50-knot 37 T-Top to the United States.

Axopar 37 T-Top, boat, tender
With a leggy range of 300 miles at 28 knots, the Axopar 37 T-Top can take you anywhere you want, be it near or far.A. Omana

There's nothing like a bit of Scandinavian design to make your fleet pop, aesthetically speaking. If we are of like minds, then this minimalistic 37 T-Top from Axopar, a Finnish company, might be just the vessel for you. And, of course, form follows function. She's a day boat well-suited for making a quick hop into port. And I do mean quick: With optional twin 350 hp Mercury Verado 350 XLs, the boat can hit a scintillating 50 knots, gliding along on a twin-stepped hull with 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom.

Axopar 37 T-Top, boat, tender
LOA: 36' 9;" Top Speed: 50+ knots.Courtesy Axopar

WHOM IT'S FOR: The 37 T-Top would make a great second boat for a person with design sense that slants Euro, and who also has a need for speed.

NOT A BANK-BREAKER: At $185,140, including Twin Verado 300's, you might even consider getting two.

PICTURE THIS: The late afternoon winds have whipped up a confused chop that separates you and your friends from your favorite watering hole across the bay. The other boats will have to pick their way slowly toward their piña coladas. But not you. Your 37's hull slices bumps to smithereens, and she can get up and go in rougher stuff than this. Looks like you're buying the first round.