An Autopilot in Your Wristwatch

Garmin’s New Quatix can handle ‘salt water, bright skies, fish guts and sunscreen.’

March 20, 2013

Garmin Quatix

Garmin Quatix Courtesy Garmin

How awesome would it be to control your boat’s autopilot from your wristwatch? Or to wirelessly transfer waypoints and routes from your iPad to your wristwatch (and then back again) at the push of a button?

These are just some of the features that Garmin’s new Quatix makes possible. While the rest of the world seems obsessed with marine apps for tablet computers that can be challenging to use out on the water, Garmin set out to make a watch that offers lots of smart features, that can be seen under the sun glare from white fiberglass and that will survive if you drop it in the water—as long as you retrieve it before it sinks deeper than 164 feet.

“The vast majority of our customers are dealing with salt water, bright skies, fish guts and sunscreen,” Garmin’s Quatix product manager tells Yachting. “The Quatix is a ruggedized platform that delivers great situational awareness and control with complete mobility and freedom.”


Look for a full review of the Quatix by Yachting‘s electronics expert, David Schmidt, in an upcoming issue of the magazine.


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