The Art of Boat Shopping

CRN, Riva builds are part of an art installation where viewers pretend to be buyers.

Riva Aquariva Cento
The Riva Aquariva Cento is part of a museum display in Warsaw, Poland.Courtesy Ferretti Group

We always knew that shopping for a boat was as much art as science, but did you ever think that walking through a boat and listening to a sales pitch might qualify as participating in an interactive art display?

That’s the premise behind The Finest Art on the Water, part of the installation Heavyweight History by German artist Christian Jankowski that just opened at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland. A 223-foot CRN design as well as a Riva Aquariva Cento, both from the Ferretti Group, will be part of the display.

Jankowski’s work uses film, video and performance to make viewers active participants in artistic experiences. With The Finest Art on the Water, viewers will play the role of prospective yacht buyers, viewing the interiors and listening to descriptions of the boats. The larger yacht will be presented in drawings, while the Aquariva will be “sculpturally presented” for viewers to step aboard, “simultaneously challenging an art audience and yacht lovers alike.”

“The yacht is the perfect sculpture, a perfect self-contained vessel of information,” Jankowski stated in a press release. “When you see the yachts lined up at Venice it is an exhibition in itself.”

Why yes, of course. Boat shows and marinas as transcendent experiences. We always knew there was beauty in boating. Now we can say it is museum-worthy.

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