Aquabotix Submersible Robot

See the seafloor with this iPad-controlled submersible robot.

July 9, 2013

Underwater Robot

Courtesy Aquabotix

It’s Jacques Cousteau meets George Jetson, sort of. Aquabotix has created the HydroView Max ($5,650) — a robot ready to explore the depths for you. Ideal for investigating the sea life of a nearby reef as well as aiding in serious maintenance tasks, such as inspecting your yacht’s running gear and hull condition, this is a multipurpose and, well, cool device. Submersible to 150 feet and controlled via an app on an iPad, laptop or smartphone, the HydroView Max provides a live video feed directly to a high-definition monitor. The standard 16 megabytes of memory allows you to record up to an hour of underwater footage, while the Wi-Fi transmitter, which is built into the carrying case, allows you to upload video or still images directly to social media. It’s not just a tropical toy: HydroView Max’s powerful LED lights let you discover the depths, even in murky conditions.

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