The Anvera 55S is an Italian Speedster That Flat-Out Flies

The Anvera 55S is a nearly all-carbon speed demon built for fun in the sun.

The Anvera 55S is for those with a need for speed.Alessandro Omiccioli

After nearly a decade in the marine industry, it's rare that a boat makes me do an about-face. But that's exactly what happened at Yachts Miami Beach when I passed the Anvera 55S. Wow. The Anvera draws attention. Like a moth to a flame, I changed course, marched right up to the Italian builder's marketing representative and said, "I need to know about this boat." (A word to the wise, the phrase "moth to a flame" apparently does not translate well from English to ­Italian — I know that now.)

WHOM IT'S FOR: This is a day boat for any yachtsman with an eye for sleek Italian design and a penchant, nay, a need for speed. The Anvera does 55 knots at wide-open throttle thanks to twin 500 hp Cummins diesels and an almost ­completely carbon-fiber build.

PICTURE THIS: Everyone on the docks is eyeing your boat as you bring in your lines and rev your engines. But you don't see them. You're looking at the empty sea ahead of you. And a few moments after you drop the hammer and tear off, they aren't able to see you either.