Now You See Me

The Carbon Craft CC180 makes an impression at the dock.

Carbon Craft CC180
All fabrics and paints on board the CC180 are chosen by the owner. The model debuted in Dubai this past March.Courtesy Carboncraft

Time for some honesty. Sometimes we buy boats just to make a statement. But if your 180-foot big boat is anchored far from the yacht club, come cocktail hour, how are you supposed to let people know what you're working with? That's where the CC180 comes in. She was built using carbon fiber, accounting for her feathery 2,850-pound dry weight. Happily, the builders left plenty of that telltale carbon-fiber thatch showing, should admirers care to know that your tender was built using the über-strong (and über-expensive) material. Combine that with sleek lines and an optional 295 hp FNM diesel jet that rockets the boat along at 43 knots, and you'll be making quite the entrance.


Any large-yacht owner looking for a sporty, stylish and customizable tender. One with a removable hardtop is currently under construction.


You’re zipping alongside Monaco’s Quai Rainier III. The wind makes your shirtsleeves flap just so. Your friends sit in the bow. They’re beaming as they clink chilled glasses of rose wine. Onshore, a woman riding a bicycle stops to stare. She notes that your boat is so light, so fast, that it looks like you’re actually flying. Perhaps you are.

Carbon Craft, Carbon Craft 180, Tender
The Carbon Craft 180 contains 295hp turbo diesel power.Carbon Craft
Carbon Craft, Carbon Craft 180, Tender
With the right engine package, the Carbon Craft can hit a top speed of 43 knots.Carbon Craft