6 Yacht-Museums We’d Like to See

Hmmm. News that the 446-foot Savarona may become a shrine to Atatürk has us thinking…

Superyacht Savarona

The 446-foot superyacht Savarona is likely to become a museum to the founder of modern-day Turkey.

The Culture and Tourism Ministry in Turkey has applied to buy the 446-foot megayacht Savarona, which it plans to convert into a museum honoring Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the modern nation’s first president.

This news got us to thinking about some other megayachts that could be turned into museums well worth touring:

Christina O. Aristotle Onassis used to sit at the bar aboard this 325-footer and entertain guests with stories of how the upholstery was made from whale foreskin. What better place for a museum of whale-oil lamps and the whale-bone corsets that women used to wear during the 1700s?


Azzam. At 590 feet LOA, she is the world’s largest megayacht. Let’s fill her with things like the world’s largest jelly bean, the world’s largest rubber band ball and the world’s largest butter sculpture. (She has more than enough fridge space for that last one.)

Rising Sun. This 453-foot Lürssen is owned by media mogul David Geffen and has a private cinema onboard. Since Geffen is a co-founder of Dreamworks SKG, a floating museum could feature memorabilia from some great ocean-based movies like Amistad, Cast Away and Shark Tale.

Limitless. She’s a 315-footer built for Les Wexner, which launched Victoria’s Secret. Can you think of a better, more private location for a living museum filled with runway models in their underwear?


Nirvana. This 290-foot Oceanco has nothing to do with the band by the same name, but we think it would be totally killer to have hordes of fans sitting onboard, rocking out to Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Fountainhead. Literary fans worldwide could step aboard this 288-foot Feadship, sit in a leather chair with a glass of champagne, and quote Ayn Rand: “But I don’t think of you.” Absolute perfection.