The 406 MHz Beacon is a Lifesaver

Saved by the Beacon campaign aims to educate boaters about key safety equipment.

Saved by the Beacon campaign

Saved by the Beacon campaign

The National Safe Boating Council is launching its Saved by the Beacon National Campaign this August to educate boaters about how to use 406 MHz beacons in an emergency.

These beacons may be found in EPIRBs, which can be used to give rescuers the position of a boat, as well as in personal locator beacons that might be found on a lifejacket. The beacons function differently than other devices boaters might use to call for help, including VHF radios, GPS trackers and cellphones.

The national campaign not only promotes a full understanding of the beacons and how they work, but also encourages NOAA registration, which boaters are required to do whether a unit is new, has a changed address or is sold to another boater. Rescuers use the registration information to help identify boaters who are in distress.

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