3 Reasons to Love Floating Art

The 115-foot Italian-built yacht Guilty is turning heads just outside of Athens.

December 17, 2013
The 115-foot Guilty is turning heads on the docks near Athens.

Anybody walking around the port of Piraeus outside of Athens is sure to do a double-take when it comes to the 115-foot, Italian-built, custom-designed Guilty. It looks like something made for an art canvas, not for the water, almost as if a Roy Lichtenstein painting popped off a wall at the Museum of Modern Art and transformed into a megayacht.

In reality, Guilty is a collaboration between Italian yacht designer Ivana Porfiri and American artist Jeff Koons. The exterior paint job isn’t photoshopped; that’s how she really looks, with yellow, pink and blue geometric shapes that were inspired by British military camouflage from World War I.

Here are three reasons we feel just fine about loving Guilty:



1. The owner is Dakis Joannou, a 72-year-old Greek industrialists who collects contemporary art. He is simply putting his money where his taste is: “We did what we wanted; style was irrelevant,” he told Forbes. “We designed a boat in anti-style method. We have no rules, no program, no plans.”


2. The interior aboard Guilty is just as shocking to the senses. It’s raw white, just like a museum’s walls, only with the accent of a staircase that glows in tones of pink, blue and yellow. That means Joannou is living inside his creation. Very cool.


3. According to Forbes, Joannou’s grandkids love the boat. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what all boats are about?


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