Airmar B275LHW Wide-Beam Chirp-Ready Transducer (through-hull)

A perfect match to give small boats a big advantage.

Airmar PM411LWM Ultra-Wide-Beam Chirp-Ready Transducer (pocket mount)
Airmar B275LHW Wide-Beam Chirp-Ready Transducer (through-hull)Courtesy Airmar

You don’t need a big vessel to maximize coverage below the waterline — instead, opt for a wide-beam chirp-ready transducer with a high frequency range of 150 to 250 kHz. It’s ideal for tandem use with Airmar’s PM411LWM, and anglers can take advantage of its continuous 25-degree beam width across the entire frequency band. With larger, sharper imagery, cover all your bases, from the bottom to upper water columns, and let no fish go unseen.

Price: $1,953