2 New Models from Sanlorenzo

The SL118 and SD112 will make their official debuts at this fall’s boat shows.

Sanlorenzo SD112

Sanlorenzo says it has sold a half-dozen of the SD112s prior to the launch of Hull No. 1.

Sanlorenzo plans to display two new models at the upcoming boat shows in Cannes and Genoa: an SL118 and an SD112.

The SD112 fits into the builder’s line between the 92 and 126 models — and a half-dozen of the new models have been sold prior to the launch of Hull No. 1, according to Sanlorenzo.

The SL118 will be that line’s new flagship. Hull No. 1 has been launched, and two additional builds are under construction now.

Sanlorenzo is keeping mum on additional details, which are expected to be revealed in full at the upcoming boat shows. Until then, you can learn more about all the yachts Sanlorenzo builds at www.sanlorenzoamericas.com.